The Aging Room. Premium Meat Dry-Aging Walk-in Room in Stainless Steel.

Where to Buy Dry-Aged Steak?

Dry-aged steak has gained popularity in the last few years. Known for its buttery tenderness and umami flavor, dry-aged steak is favored among steak connoisseurs.


In order to dry age steak properly, the meat needs to be put into a controlled environment like a premium aging chamber. Most of the time, dry-aged steak can be bought at restaurants, butcher shops, and other meat retailers. If you’re looking for a dry-aged steak that is cooked and prepared for you, many steakhouses offer dry-aged steaks on their menu. A butcher shop may have dry-aged steak that you can cook yourself, and some butcheries or deli can have the ability to cook for you the cut of the dry-aged meat you bought from them.

How Dry-Aging Works

When placed in an aging chamber, the moisture is drawn out of the beef and redistributed throughout the cut. This is how the dense beef flavor is created. The aging process also causes natural enzymes to break down, making the steak tender. The aging process can last anywhere between 21 to 240 days, although the most common timeframe for a lot of restaurants and butcher shops is between 30 to 45 days.

Where to Dry-Age Steak

To get a high-quality aged steak, restaurants and butcher shops need a premium meat ager like The Aging Room Chamber. Our aging chamber combines the traditional process of dry-aging steaks with modern technology. Not only that, but our Himalayan salt wall and LED lights allow restaurants and shops to display the aging steak in the best possible way. Learn more about The Aging Room Chamber and how our chamber enhances the aging process to create the perfect steak.
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