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What Does Dry-Aged Steak Taste Like?

Dry-aging steak is an age-old practice, used to keep meat fresh before refrigeration was invented. In the last decade, there has been a resurgence of dry-aging and steak connoisseurs have started to understand all the benefits of dry-aging steak. Dry-aging significantly improves the taste and tenderness of the meat. The taste of dry-aged meat is what consumers are most familiar with to set it apart from regular steak. 


Typically, beef falls into three categories: metallic, sour, and umami. 


Metallic - The steak is prepared fresh.

Sour - This is commonly associated with wet-aging.

Umami - In Japanese, this means “yummy” or “savory”. Characterized by rich notes.


When aged properly, dry-age meat has an umami taste. This is a rich, dense, flavorful taste. Sometimes, people will commonly associate the taste with subtle hints of other delicious flavors like blue cheese or nutty. The strength or depth of the flavor is typically determined by how long the steak is dry-aged.

How Does Dry-Aged Steak Get Its Flavor?

The iconic flavor of the dry-aged steak occurs during the aging process. When dry-aged, chefs will place a cut of beef in a controlled, open-air environment, like a dry-aging chamber. In this environment, there is a very specific temperature, pressure, and humidity level that needs to be maintained. The steak’s flavor and tenderness are enhanced.


During the dry-aging process, the moisture is drawn out of the beef and redistributed, which is how the flavor is created. It is crucial to maintain the right temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels to achieve the right flavor without compromising the integrity of the meat.

How Long to Dry Age Steak?

The time frame for dry-aging steak can vary anywhere from 30 days to nearly 240 days at high-end restaurants. The longer the steak ages, the stronger the flavor is. How long you dry-age steak depends on the flavor you’re trying to achieve. You can adjust the temperature in a premium meat ager and lengthen the process to increase the taste. When using The Aging Room Chamber, we have created a chamber that perfects dry-aging steak over a six-week process. 


Ultimately, how long you age a steak will depend on what your customers like and want. While some people might like the intense flavors, others may only prefer a hint of it. That’s why we identify the optimal time for dry-aging with the perfect in-between balance while your chefs can play with the timing to please the most discerning tastes.

Dry Age Steak with The Aging Room Chamber

At The Aging Room, we’ve combined traditional processes with modern technology to offer restaurants, stores, and butchers a natural way to dry age steak while showcasing the process. Our premium steak-aging chamber is equipped with an illuminated wall made of Himalayan salt bricks which contribute to the aging process and act as a natural antibacterial element.

Learn more about The Aging Room Chamber and how it can help your restaurant achieve the perfect, flavorful aged steak.
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