Dry-Aged Meat In the Walk-In Dry-Aging Chamber by The Aging Room®.

Superior 100% Natural Dry-Aging Technology Enabled

We use salt as an essential part of the aging process, which is why our chambers/Aging Rooms are not traditional cold rooms. They are built out of salt-resistant materials and parts to ensure the operation's longevity and durability. It's important to be mindful of the components you use when dealing with salt, as it can have a corrosive effect that can damage parts in a relatively short amount of time.

The reasons we use salt:

The primary purpose for incorporating salt into the process is to facilitate the traditional and natural aging process, which ultimately results in an exceptional taste.

How it works: A chamber produces a salty microclimate with controlled air circulation, temperature, and humidity. You don't need to move the meat inside; the air will move around the meat. The Aging Room® matures exclusively with salt. There are no ultraviolet lamps, activated charcoal filters, or chemicals. The maturing process dissolves the salt in the air creating a thin film of salt that envelops the meat. The AR microclimate evaporates the moisture out of the meat, enzymes work to break down the fibers and tenderize the beef, and as a result, the taste increases. The process gives the meat an Umami taste.

The second most important reason is to prevent excessive meat loss during the aging process, it is important to use salt. However, it is important to use a substantial amount of salt to achieve sufficient saturation levels. Simply using one or two slabs won't be enough. By following the process thoroughly and using salt, your meat loss in aging will be around 10-15%. Without salt, expect a 40% or even higher loss.


Will such an investment pay off?

Let numbers talk.

We take as an example a walk-in Aging Room with 1,400 lb. of meat capacity.

Let’s take an average price for the aged beef as $19, and for the fresh beef as $5 per 1 lb. That makes $14 additional profit per pound on average, not including premium cuts, wagyu, or any other aged specialties, which will make your profit even higher; let’s take just the average price.

The average aging cycle is 3 weeks, that means you will have 17 full aging cycles per one year.

Let’s attribute here an aging weight loss of 10%, that makes the load 1,260 lbs.

1,260*$14*17 full cycles = $299,880 of additional profit per one single year!

By showcasing the aging process to your customers, you are pointing out the investment and care you have taken to ensure the best dining experience possible.

What was once a hidden process, now becomes the focal point of your business. 

This appeals to the steak connoisseur as well as excites and educates customers new to dry-aged beef.


The Aging Room®'s Premium Dry-Aging Chamber

The Aging Room®’s Dry-Aging Chamber combines traditional aging processes with modern technologies. Our precise climate control equipment combined with a Himalayan salt wall creates an aging-friendly, natural microclimate that dry-ages steak.


With a Premium Dry Ager like The Aging Room®'s Chamber, you’ll get more benefits on top of a perfect system that will manage temperature and climate so you can offer your customers premium, dry-aged beef:


Design The Aging Room®'s Chamber to fully merge with the concept of your store or restaurant.

Engineers determine the chamber volume to ensure the correct operation of the chamber.

The chamber creates and circulates a salty, cold, and humid microclimate to ensure an optimal ripening process.

Present your steak in the right shade with better contrast to generate positive emotions with LED lighting and inside black walls.

Meat specialists can cut meat inside the chamber with a high-quality, wooden-cut butcher block to avoid entering and exiting the chamber unnecessarily.

Learn more about The Aging Room® and how we design it for your business.

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